A library purposed to serve children that
God has placed in our destiny path.

The aim of DKL is to provide a framework for developing talents in children,
learning languages and to cooperate with other
libraries in the world that agree with the purposes and goals of
this organization.

Destiny Kids Library

Our vision

To promote the art of reading and encourage the African child to appreciate education and the value of library in Africa.

Our mission

This organization acknowledges the power of education and the first step to education is to be able to read and write.

Core values

We believe that the essentials of life and success are skills that can be learned.

When we feel passion for something, it is because we are remembering what it is that we came here to do


All interested persons should kindly send their donation of BOOKS, PENS, PENCILS AND LEARNING MATERIALS to the office of DKL Library, or call Mrs. Abigail Okaibea Mensah to come and pick it up where ever you are.

+233(0) 541 171 521

Destiny Kids Library